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Patent, Trademark & Design Attorney

We are able to offer appointment with our in-house specialist attorney, marketing and media consultant. We help to refine your idea, discover gaps in the market and direct you to the best process to protect your intellectual property, design or asset.

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A document that protects an invention.



Brand or Logo associated with Goods and Services by the owner of the trademark.



Design Registration protects the apperance of an article or object.

Jaime Massang

Jaime began his journey as a medical scientist, Jaime went on to complete a law degree with Queensland University, after 18 months in general practice Jaime decided to go on to obtain further qualifications to become a specialist attorney in Patent, Design, and Trademark. Jaime has practiced in this field for over 20 years, and has experienced even the most inconceivable projects. With a vast knowledge base and large scope of collegues, Jaime can assit you to protect your intellectual property while also directing you on the path to best practice asset protection.  

Daniel Brimblecombe

Daniel has worked across the marketing and media division for 15 years, having first estabilished himself in Real Estate, Daniel quickly went on to scale his business across Brisbane, Queensland, Nationwide and currently works with many International Business Partners to connect, improve and increaase business capacity.

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